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We are a family business which was established in 1990; we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality specialist products for fire safety.  Our customers are very important to us and we are a very motivated and keen team always looking to improve our product range.  We offer a quick turnaround time to our customers to keep them racing; this is very important in our field of business.

FIA and MSUK Approved Products

Our products are the winning choice for the major top teams and manufacturers in Motorsport from around the world and nationally at home.  The motorsport industry is a very demanding environment where standards need to be very high and continuous development of products has to be maintained. We believe we tick all these boxes at FEV.

Our introduction to the World of motorsport and its unique requirements was a challenge that we at FEV could not resist.  We quickly achieved FIA homologation approval for our AFFF systems.

Product Innovation

Very soon the manufacture of Halon 1211 was to cease due to its damaging effects on the ozone, an effective solution was required from the motorsport world for a Halon 1211 gas replacement, FEV with one of the most respected chemical companies in the world set about developing solutions resulting in the first FIA homologated gas system – Viro3 (gas) now known as FX G-TEC (gas).

To achieve the FIA and MSUK approvals systems were put through the FIA defined fire tests, and witnessed by British Standards and Motorsport UK.

Later research and development and more innovative ideas led FEV onto the next generation of FX G-TEC (gas) products which perform even better than before.

We developed our own unique flange design which is patented and together with new nozzle designs has given FEV a unique range of products.  We also designed and developed the first internal bladder system +ADS (Advanced Discharge System) designed to contain the fire suppressant.  This development has led to a smaller and lighter range of fire extinguishers, and we can now offer in car systems from as small as 1.5kg gas and 2.25ltr in the AFFF range.

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If you would like more information on our fire safety systems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whatever your car fire extinguisher requirements we would only be too happy to discuss and advise you on the best available product for your budget and specification.

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