Bad Roads!

Damaged car of road full of cracked potholes in pavement

In the world of motorsport, we may be used to spending a great deal of our time on tarmac that’s of pretty good quality. That said, we do also drive on normal roads and have many customers who do as well. The fact that we seem to notice more and more potholes really isn’t good news at all. We all know they are uncomfortable and make us wince – but they can pose a real threat to more fragile supercars, classics and road going custom cars too!

RAC Research

It seems that some research done throughout 2017 by the RAC shows there was a 44 percent increase in potholes on our roads in that time. Since then there seems to have been no let up and it feels like things are getting worse. So much so that people have taken to marking the potholes out with paint or creating funny images around them. It is becoming a very British problem but one we tackle with laughter, as always.


There is no doubt at all that potholes can do some serious damage to wheels but they can also shake other things loose and cause all sort of issues. Compared to 20 years ago, most cars now have alloy wheels and lower profile tyres. Couple this with more potholes and you can see the problem!

But as mentioned above, there is also a real danger of damaging some very precious cars. We all love to see a classic car out on the roads – an E-Type going past, for example, is a sight even non-car fans love. But that car could suffer some serious damage if it hit a pothole at 60mph, not to mention the potential handling issues without any kind of traction control. These cars are important parts of our motoring history and our roads are literally knocking them to bits.

It isn’t just old cars either; new fast cars are equally at risk. We all love the rare spotting of a real supercar and we know a lot of these amazing cars spend most of the time in air-conditioned boxes for various reasons. It is no wonder really because hitting a pothole in a Koenigsegg R1 would be painful, to say the least, and could be eyewateringly expensive to fix. It means that many owners may choose to trailer the cars to shows and may never drive them in public – which would be a crying shame for car fans all over the UK.

Hopefully, as we head towards 2020 we will start to see more work going on to repair potholes and make the roads once again a safe place for rare and exciting (and fragile!) cars so we can all get that tempting glimpse of something special among the sea of mid-sized SUVs!


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