A Few New Classic Cars

A Few New Classic Cars

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Here at FEV we love working with classic car owners and supplying various fire suppression systems for either road or track use. The idea helping keep these great cars just a little bit safer is rewarding but we also just love the variation of cars we get to see and hear about. The classic car market is still buoyant and shows very few signs of slowing down but the types of cars that fall into this group is always changing and there are a fair few new kids on the block.

The 80s

Where it was once the preserve of 60s and 70s cars or older we are now seeing various 80s and even 90s cars in the classic car market. Some of these newer cars are still a bit “marmite” but they are all great in their own way and many will get better with time. The Ford Sierra, for example, is a car that seems to be increasing in value and one that many people still don’t look to fondly on. It was certainly a game changer after the last incarnation of the Cortina but for many it was simply not the car Ford had hoped it would be. It initially suffered issues with cross winds as well as claims the self correcting bumpers actually hid crash damage. Later versions were much better and sales did eventually start picking for a car that was dubbed the “salesman’s spaceship”.

These days prices for the rather brilliant Cosworth versions and even the XR4i’s are starting to go up with the former commanding £30,000 in some cases and even a 2.0 litre estate on over 100,000 miles will cost you over £2000!

Another 80s car that is now a classic is the Peugeot 205, although not in its normal form. The 208 GTi was certainly always a desirable car but prices are now looking at topping £20,000 in some cases and there are certainly only going to go one way. Even the less popular 309 GTi’s are making £10,000!

British Style

Most people in this country like at least one Jaguar, a lot of people like many different models but the XJS is not always at the top of the collective wish list. It was, like the Sierra, a bit of a design gamble and followed a very “futuristic” feel throughout. It also suffered somewhat in terms of timing as it was launched during the fuel crisis. That being said the V12 was a great engine and a rare one in all but the most expensive Italian supercars at the time. After a number of years in production there were a lot of different variants and not all really make the classic list but prices for the good ones are moving upwards by all accounts. While the XJS may not quite make the legendary status of the mighty E Type it is a cool car and one that we would very happily work on or drive!

Regardless of whether or not your chosen classic is actually considered a classic by the motoring press and the like we would still welcome it with open arms. Our friendly team will be able to advise and help you choose the best fire suppression system to suit your needs. You may just want to know you have that extra bit of protection a handheld unit provides in case of a small electrical fire. You may, however, want something a little more substantial because you plan to do some events and track days. Whatever you are planning to do with your classic car the team at FEV are able to help make sure you are well prepared for the unlikely event of a fire.


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