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Many people have mixed feelings about the super-rich, some of them are nice and some are not so nice. However, if you ask car fans how they feel about the car collections some people have created all the other feelings fly out the window in favour of wonder and awe and sometimes a little confusion! Millionaire Roger Dudding’s collection has been in the press lately and it’s a corker!

Mr Lock Up

Roger spent a good portion of his life inventing a queuing system that allocated numbers to people rather than giving out physical objects that can be unhygienic. He also happened to be offered some very cheap garages many years ago that sprung into a huge lock up rental business too.

The Beginning

Roger’s first car was certainly something special; a Jenson Interceptor FF, he also then got a Morris Minor Saloon from his Father which is perhaps a little less impressive but a classic nonetheless. What happened after that was something that led to a collection so large that film and TV producers are constantly in touch to get hold of period cars for a huge range of productions. From Peaky Blinders to Brad Pitt films the list is long and will only get longer as news of this collection spreads further.


As well as buying his own cars Roger also happens to find them too. Seeing as he owns over £100 million pounds worth of garages and lock ups it stands to reason his team have to clear a fair few out. It is during this cleaning they sometimes stumble across a classic car. A 1939 LG6 Lagonda and a Mk6 Bentley both make it onto this list. However Roger is clearly a nice guy because he had acquired these garages from a trust and went on to not only inform the previous owners but also to pay for the cars too!


The collection is too big to list but it is worth noting Roger has no fewer than 23 Aston Martin Lagondas. This is a car that carries a bit of a Marmite reputation but it’s clear where Roger’s tastes lie because this little part of the collection is worth over £2 million. Among other cars of note there is a rare AC 428, 10 Jensons, and 1918 Hispano Suiza and a lot of Ferraris.


Not only does the collection house a mind blowing number of cars but Roger also collects bikes too with over 50 included in the set. From BSA Rocket Gold Stars and Douglas Dragon Flies as well as quite a few Triumphs, Nortons and two Vincents.

You may not have a classic car collection to rival Roger’s but if you do have a classic and would like more information on how we can sympathetically install a fire extinguisher system, get in touch. It may be for historic racing or just for some peace of mind, either way we have the right system to suit your car and your needs.


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