Sunshine and Plenty of Grip!

Jaguar E-Type Interior on Vintage Car Parade

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when all the historic and classic car owners can pull the covers off, open the garage doors and bring their cars out to enjoy. We love the summer!


Being fairly close to Goodwood, we do get to see quite a lot of stunning classics and we also get a lot of customers coming to us to have a subtle fire extinguisher fitted. But we still get excited when we spot something on the road and the minute the weather gets hot we get treated to all sorts!

We have already seen two pristine E-Types, which are still as stunning as ever, if not more so. Some very hot looking Caterham 7s, not classics as such but so much fun. We even saw some 80s classics together nearby – a Sierra Sapphire Cosworth, a 205 1.9 GTi and Escort Cosworth. Whatever your taste in cars, it is great to see something older still running and being looked after.

Warm Tarmac

What better way to enjoy a classic than when the roads are warm and grippy? Yes, there is a bit of a worry that some older cars might overheat but the rip roaring fun of a good corner on a dry road far outweighs the worry!


It is certainly dry most of the time in the summer and that means less rust risk. The days of salt all over the roads is now gone and the more fragile classics can come out to play. Of course, we do get the odd shower, so make sure you know how to put up the roof quickly. There can be some dangers for older cars on dry roads that get a soaking. The surface can get really slippery if it hasn’t rained for a while and in something like an Austin Healey or TR6 the back might well want to come out a bit!

Fire Safety

As always, it is critical that these cars are kept for future generations and installing a fire extinguisher can make the difference between losing a bit of history and cleaning up a few marks and replacing a part or two. The summer does carry with it the risk of fire, especially as we are about to see some very hot days. If you are unsure about what kind of extinguisher you may need or want in your classic car then please get in touch and we can help.


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