The rise and rise of the classic car

Classic cars have always been desirable to those of us who treasure automotive history and reliving past motoring glories. However, the demand for these old classics has increased massively since the crash in 2008. With interest rates still rock bottom and most investments feeling unsteady to say the least people are turning to alternative ways to make their money grow. Jewellery, art, watches and of course, cars are now being bought up by investors to simply keep and then re sell. The popularity is only increased with TV shows like channel five’s Classic Car Show where Quentin Wilson and Jodie Kidd show off high end classics and recommend more affordable motors to purchase as an investment right now.

We recently heard of someone who had bought a La Ferrari for a cool £1,000,000 only to find out it was worth double that within 3 months! Of course this was a special case but there are lots of people that don’t really know much about cars taking on old Healey’s, Jag’s, MG’s and more.

One side of the fence says that these cars should be enjoyed and driven, the other says they are safe and being well cared for and so ensuring they are around for many years to come. Either way fire is always a massive risk in older cars. Old electrics, materials that are far from flame proof; Morgan’s are all build from a large proportion of wood! So it is essential for owners, whomever they are, to make sure their classic cars have a fire extinguisher fitted.

We are able to provide various types of fire extinguisher from plumbed in systems to handheld options for classic cars as well as pitlane, garage and vintage car fire extinguishers. These units will give the owners a chance to arrest a fire before it takes hold and hopefully save a classic car from being lost forever.

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