Winter is Coming

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It really seems like we were writing about the pleasure of driving in the summer only last week, rolling the covers off your classic car and enjoying some dry roads. Well, now it’s time to start thinking about winter and all the motoring issues surrounding it.

Autumn Goes Fast

While it may only be autumn, it is a season that goes quickly. We are already seeing rain, wind and leaves on the roads and for many classic and historic car owners these are signals to put the car away for the winter. While dry roads in the summer mean grip and fun, these autumnal conditions mean quite the opposite. And while low grip can be fun on a track it is not something you want on public roads in a classic car.

Cold and Ice

As we move through wetter and windier days, we know that frost is on its way. It is a great time to get a service, making sure everything is ship shape and anti-freeze levels are topped up, before putting the covers on for the winter and garaging your car.

Keep on Driving

Of course, while some classic car owners do put their cars to bed over winter, others choose to keep on enjoying them – and we do rather like that. There are some wonderful clear and bright winter days when you can drop the roof and have a blast as long as you wrap up warm! Obviously, the timing is important and heading out when it might sleet or snow might not be wise, but with good planning a classic can be enjoyed during the colder season. It does also depend on the type of car you have. While it is safe to say that most classics do not have traction control to help with low traction conditions, many do have decent heaters and solid roofs.


Whatever you choose to do with your classic, make sure you enjoy it. The act of prepping a car for storage can be, in itself, very satisfying. Winter can be a great time to tinker and fix those little things you didn’t have time to do before. But it can also be a time to get out there and show off your pride and joy!

At FEV, we work with a great deal of classic car owners to make sure they have a suitable fire suppression system installed, so get in touch if you would like to get some professional advice to discuss your car’s needs.


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