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Over many years of research and development and working closely with governing bodies, top level teams and technology providers, we have been able to consistently advance our product range to ensure we can deliver the best possible fire suppression systems to the motorsport industry.

These systems include some of the latest advances in fire suppression technology allowing us to supply some of the most competitive products in the market. Our customers rely on us always striving to supply lightweight and high-quality products to the world stage of motorsport fire suppression.

Remote Charge Technology

Staying ahead of the competition, this technology was introduced by FEV a number of years ago and continues to be used on some of our gas plumbed-in systems. It enables the user to have a smaller cylinder by not requiring any space for the propellant inside the bottle. A separate aluminium capsule, filled with CO 2 and containing the detonator, is attached to the fire bottle inlet and when the system is activated, the remote charge pressurises the system, forcing out the extinguishant and suppressing the fire with a constant and powerful discharge.

PTDV Technology

The Pressure Transfer Discharge Valve was designed and patented by FEV in 2005, this technology has enabled us to have a unique competitive edge in the industry and offers our customers the very best in fire suppression discharge when linked with our remote charge technology. The innovative flange design includes an inlet and outlet port and allows the extinguishant to exit the cylinder at a much faster rate. In our testing and development, it has been an important consideration to implement a fail-safe solution.

New Nozzle Design

New Nozzle DesignOur gas nozzle designs have been refined and now include an adjustable flow control jet. This allows us to control both the quantity of the suppressant and where it is released into the vehicle. Our AFFF foam designs use wide angled nozzles for covering a larger area.

+ADS (Advanced Discharge System)

Our unique design that we developed to meet requirements for a total discharge system together with a constant pressure until the system is completely empty, unlike some other methods of discharge. This also has the benefit of allowing for the system to work successfully in any position without any reduction in performance. This design has been used in Formula 1 and world rallying for a number of years and is still our customers preferred technology.

For any technical enquiries, please contact our design and technical team.

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