2015 F1 Season and the Old Days

And so we come towards the end of yet another season of Formula 1 racing. For many people it is a passion and something they love to watch, support and get involved in. For the team at FEV it is all that and so much more because we are fans as well as being part of the F1 world too. By providing fire extinguisher systems to a number of cars on the grid we have become and very important cog in a very powerful and expensive machine. However, this has not changed our enjoyment of the racing, it is other factors that may have influenced that slightly.

1998 f1 cars

The Old Days

Let’s face it, most people have seen the movie Rush and most people interested in F1 have seen the countless documentaries about those crazy years before safety regulations. Jackie Stewart must be starting to get sick of telling the tales of how he almost single handedly took on the traditions of F1 and eventually won. Of course he had help but without him many more drivers would have died and no one wants to see a return to those crazy times. However, that being said, there have been a number of changes to F1 that might not have been so positive and it is those changes that can make people wistfully look back to days gone by and ask if it was better then.

The Not So Old Days

The BBC are now showing old F1 races on iPlayer and after watching highlights from 2 races in the late 90s we could not help but look back with a smile. The safety issues had largely been dealt with by that time so deaths and injury were rare however the raw power of the cars was still easily appreciated even through the TV. It was the time of Schumacher and Damon Hill and it was a time when the engines were still loud and over taking was common place. Of course we now have DRS and over taking happens much more but it is very predictable and not quite as exciting.


These days the rules on engine and body design are very tight and this is there to increase competition. This is a good thing, but sometimes we do like to think back to when the turbo charged engines first came in and not all cars on the grid had them. Sometimes they won, other times the cars broke down, either way it was exciting. The engine noise is sadly not what it was but on the plus side the cars are using around 40% less fuel each race so in terms of the environment F1 are doing a great deal to help change things.

2015 has been a good season, clearly Mercedes somewhat ran away with things but Ferrari really started to get things working in the later stages and have pushed hard ever since. Young Verstappen has certainly made himself known in his first season and his over takes at Interlagos were nothing short of inspired. We have seen some great rivalry and some not so great behaviour from Hamilton and Rosberg and as always we have seen Maldonado crash a few times.

All in all it has been an exciting season but we can’t help but think it might have been even more so with a lot more noise and a little more invention between the teams. With one race to go we already know who has won but we never know what might happen on the day between drivers so we will be tuning in as usual.

Even if you don’t own an F1 car do get in touch if you are looking into any kind of fire extinguisher for you track, classic, road or every day car. We have a range of handheld and plumbed in units to suit all levels of MSA motorsport and road cars.




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