Is The Noise Coming Back to F1?

Formula 1 fans have expressed very mixed feelings about the change of engines and the loss of all that lovely noise. In 2014 the rules meant that the screaming V8’s were no longer allowed and much smaller hybrid turbo charged V6 power units came in. The results have been amazing in terms of technological development but the new engines are so much quieter it has left F1 a little too tame for some. The rumour mill is however, running wild at the moment with talk of things be about to change?


For many people F1 is not just about racing, it is about the sounds. Anyone who has been anywhere near an old F1 engine running at even half throttle will never forget it, the noise is deafening. So when the new engines arrived many fans were very disappointed that they not only produced a lot less noise but also seemed to rev lower. Overnight the screaming engines were gone and the days of odd rumbling notes and various whining turbine noises had arrived. Since this time there have been many discussions about making the engines louder again to please the fans, and after all, without happy fans the sport will suffer.

A Silver Lining

It seems in the midst of Red Bull being seemingly unable to find an engine for 2016 talk of teams being able to use engines from other classes has arisen. This would mean engines that were not full hybrid units,  much louder and generally more “normal” might come back. There is talk of lower teams being able to source cheaper power units from LMP classes and older units to re-use and re-purpose. Even Bernie Ecclestone has been quoted as mentioning a move back to non turbo engines with a smaller hybrid element. It may be that the choice of losing both Red Bull and Toro Rosso due to engine issues is too much to risk and the rules may bend to allow them to try a different type of power unit. This could lay the foundations for a return to the old days where teams could run pretty much whatever engine they liked!

The Future

We may well see the 2016 season peppered with much louder engines from back marker teams like Manor and even bigger teams like the mighty Red Bull folk. To keep things equal the engines can be limited by air flow and throttle so we might not see a team run away from the pack due to having twice the power output but it would certainly make for an interesting watch. There are all kinds of engines being talked about from V12’s, V10’s and V8’s to big 3 litre V6’s. There is even talk of the Nissan Nismo Le Mans car project donating its engine to Red Bull who are heavily sponsored by the brands high end marque Infiniti.

On top of all this talk about engines there is also the plan to bring back refuelling which will carry with it a number of interesting factors. Whatever happens it will be good to add some extra excitement to the sport and as always we will be making sure the fire extinguisher systems in many of the cars are in place and doing their job.

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