Fire Suppresion Systems – FIA Approved To Meet Standard 8865 2015

Brand New Homologated Systems for FIA Standard 8865-2015

FEV Fire Suppression is excited to announce the launch of our new product range, N-TEC2950R, N-TEC3550R and N-TEC4100R fire suppression systems, to meet FIA Technical List 52 Standard 8865. The new N-TEC product range succeeds in offering many of our existing and new customers that include many international teams and competitors, a cost-effective solution to the requirement of using only clean agent gas as the chosen material in fire suppression for the FIA Standard 8865.


These systems have been designed and developed using Novec 1230 clean agent gas as the extinguishant, we are the only manufacturer worldwide to launch a system to Standard 8865 that uses only a clean agent extinguishant for both the cockpit and engine compartment, rather than using traditional powder and foams extinguishants.

Using new technology we have succeeded in being the only manufacturer worldwide to develop a single-cylinder system using a clean agent extinguishant only. The systems are a singular compact unit using all aluminium parts including the cylinder. For ease of installation these systems are only 3 nozzles, 2 for the engine and 1 for the cockpit. There are also new updates from previous systems to make installation of these systems easier and more time-effective, this includes adjustable straps and the mounting holes for the cockpit nozzle are easily accessible.

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FEV Fire Suppression is at the forefront of motorsport fire suppression development, and our new product range using 3M™ Novec™ Fire Protection Fluid will be expanding soon with new products and technology.

Where does Standard 8865 apply?

Standard 8865 has already been implemented for WRC cars running in the FIA WRC. It applies to the following categories: T1 cars running in FIA cross-country events; Super 2000 Rally RRC (Regional Rally Car), R5 and RGT cars running in the FIA WRC. As from 2018 Standard 8865 will also apply to GT3 cars. From 2018 it has also be implemented for all cars running in FIA cross-country events.

Light and compact fire suppression

At FEV we have extensive experience in designing high quality fire suppression systems. To comply with Standard 8865 we have designed, developed and tested a compact one cylinder fire suppression system offering a highly efficient product, maximising the space and weight saving. Our customers told us that they wanted an effective, affordable suppression system for the most common of fuels – unleaded petrol. FEV have developed products for other fuel types and these will be launched in due course.

Our FX G-TEC is perfect for supressing fires on the engine side, where temperatures can be very high. This is because it suppresses the fire as well as decreasing the temperature to help prevent re-ignition. On the cockpit side our system will also suppress the fire very quickly. During development of our product very careful attention has been taken to ensure that the suppressing agent is safe for all occupants whilst not compromising the effectiveness of the system.

Expertly sourced and thoroughly tested

The components we use for our systems have been sourced to cope with the very high temperatures and to deal with the very robust and demanding environment of racing. The control box whilst not only being robust has also been designed to be water resistant, with electrical connectors IP67 rated and high temperature rated wiring. The electrical circuitry has features to allow a much longer battery lifetime and circuit tests to find if there are any anomalies.

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We have a range of FIA-approved suppression systems currently available. If you are interested, please contact us on +44 1243 555566 or email to find out more and we would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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