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Track day - sports car on a trackWith so many different manufacturers and types of car available and so many different ways to enjoy them, choosing the right car fire suppression system can be a challenge. FEV have 30 years of experience in providing different types of systems for the vast range of vehicles and activities we see in motorsport today.

Whether you drive an Audi or Ariel Atom, a Mini or Porsche, a TVR or a Westfield, FEV would be happy to discuss your needs.


Our fire extinguishers are not just for F1 cars; in fact there is a constantly growing number of car owners who are choosing to have a system fitted to their road cars. It could be that you own a historic car, or a high performance modern car and you feel you want to build in that extra level of safety. We are able to provide a wide range of car fire extinguishers to suit an even wider range of cars. In some cases a discreet handheld unit is suitable, this may be where the car’s looks and luxury is important and the extinguisher needs to blend in. However at the opposite end of the spectrum we are also able to offer plumbed in systems that are fully race ready.

FEV Extinguisher in BMW

If you have ever thought about the possibility of suffering a car fire in your precious Lamborghini, Mercedes or Ferrari, and would like to be able to deal with it safely to avoid the awful situation of watching your pride and joy go up in flames, get in touch and find out how we can help.

As modding and tuning continues to grow in popularity the number of high performance custom cars on the roads is increasing. Many of these cars are running in excess of 500bhp with multiple turbos and superchargers too. Fire extinguisher systems are a very important consideration when it comes to cars like this. In some cases much of the work is done by the owner, including electrical work. While this may all be done to a very high standard the platform the work is done on was often not meant to run such modifications. This can lead to a risk of overloading systems and certainly to breaking engine parts when chipping and forced induction systems are added.

You may also be looking for some extra safety for your BMW track car or you may be taking part in MSA events with your classic or modern race prepared Ford. FEV can advise on mechanical, electrical and remote discharge, hand held and fully plumbed in systems that suppress fire directly in the engine bay.


All our systems are designed to meet MSA and FIA standards and are fully homologated so our customers are ready to race. Our new FIA 8865 system is at the cutting edge of racing car fire suppression; it was designed alongside WRC teams to make sure it met not only the FIAs tough standards but also the needs of a top flite rally team.

As a family run business FEV are passionate about all forms of motorsport and manufacturers and have experience in advising and choosing the right form of car fire extinguisher for whatever type of vehicle you drive.

Just some of the manufacturers we can provide extinguishers for:

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