BMW Fire Extinguisher

bmw logoReliability, rear wheel drive and substantial power units are all key factors in the success of BMW throughout the years. Offering many lower powered and economical family cars BMW also provide huge numbers of committed drivers fast, well balanced and powerful driving experiences on the track and on the road. FEV have many years of experience supplying and fitting both plumbed in and hand held in car fire extinguishers for many different BMW models.

The now classic BMW e30 among other models is commonly used for track day driving and more committed MSA and FIA racing events. Although accidents are rare, they do occur and being able to control a fire in the early stages is essential in avoiding injury to the driver and the car. FEV provides different levels of fire suppression systems for all types of cars including all BMW models, this can range from plumbed in systems that discharge at the touch of a button to simple handheld fire extinguishers built into the cabin for the driver to reach and use on a focused area in the car.

Why A BMW Fire Extinguisher?

Many M5, M3 and Z4 drivers never go on the track but do look for the added piece of mind of having a car fire extinguisher to hand in the event of an electrical fire or an incident caused by another road user. FEV are able to supply and fit the right kind of car fire extinguisher for your needs.

Built in fire extinguisherClassic BMW models are becoming highly sought after in their original condition and a simple electrical fire could see a concourse condition car reduced to an irreparable wreck without anything to arrest the fire before it takes hold. Even with the amazing technical abilities of BMW technicians, the car would never be the same as it would have lost many of the original parts. Being able to rapidly get control of a small fire using an FEV BMW fire extinguisher could prevent the loss of considerable investment and a loved vehicle.

Whether you are driving a classic 3002 and want to make sure an accidental fire is arrested early to save your investment, or you simply want to feel safer in your road or track day car, get in touch with FEV in regards to your BMW fire extinguisher for advice, information and ultimately installation of an in car, historic or track day fire extinguisher system, be it handheld or a fully plumbed in extinguisher.

To find out more details about BMW fire extinguishers for all models that FEV can offer or specifically for information on a BMW E30 fire extinguisher, call 01243 555566 or e mail and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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