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Ford logoFEV have years of experience in supplying and fitting fire extinguishers to Ford cars, from classics to modern race prepared cars. So whether you are looking for a small, handheld unit for that extra piece of mind in your MK 1 Cortina or you need a plumbed in race system for MSA racing, we can make sure you get the right fire extinguisher for your Ford.


Not only have Ford always made reliable and respectable family cars they have also created some of the most Iconic cars in the UK, Europe and of course, in the US. Some of these include the Capri, Cortina, Escort and even the Anglia. From the very early days though, the marque was always happy to make sure they had a few faster models in the range and they were also happy to work with other brands to do so. The Lotus Cortina has certainly become a serious classic along with the Sierra and Escort Cosworths. Even working “in house” the RS brand has always been synonymous with speed and still is with the launch of most recent Focus RS. In the US, Ford built the now legendary Mustang which even in its current guise is still a powerful car and has perhaps only lost just a tiny bit of the charm of its older siblings.

Classic Ford

pitlaneFor many Ford owners their cars are their pride and joy, many of these cars are now considered classics and some are certainly historic too. FEV are able to provide suitable fire suppression systems to make sure your classic Ford is not at risk. Even a small fire can get out of control and as these cars get harder to find, the potential loss becomes a greater concern. A handheld fire extinguisher fitted in to the cabin can be within easy reach of the driver in the event of a small electrical fire or similar. These systems are easy to use and can make the difference between watching your classic Ford go up in smoke and preserving it for years to come.

Fast Ford

Ford is not all about classics, and even when it is, they are not all sitting around at car shows. For many people the reliability of the brand has meant it’s the perfect brand for racing purposes. From the Goodwood Revival to British Touring cars Fords are raced across many parts of world every weekend. If you own a Ford track day car or you have a Ford race car, FEV can provide a number of different types of MSA and FIA approved fire extinguishers. For many levels of racing a fully plumbed in system is required and for this we use our own FX G-TEC gas which we developed to replace Halon gas. Our systems are safe, efficient and are fully homologated for use around the world.

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AFFF3500R - Side FX G-TEC 1500R - SideAFFF3500R - SideFX G-TEC 1700M - Side

Whatever Ford you drive, whether it’s a classic, a track day car or a fully-fledged racing car we are able to provide and fit the right fire extinguisher for you. If you would like to discuss your car and your requirements please get in touch with our team today and we will help make sure you and your Ford are prepared in the event of a fire.

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