Lamborghini Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to supercars and even hypercars very few marques conjure up the emotion and passion quite like Lamborghini. “Lambo” have always made cars that sat just on the edge of sanity though perhaps the Miura when launched did this with more style than madness. From the 70s and 80s excess of the Countach to the almost unfathomable brutality of the Sesto Elemento Lamborghini have made cars for most people to dream about and very few to own. However, since the Audi take over, models like the Gallardo have become a little more attainable and certainly far easier to drive. With all wheel drive systems, and all the traction aids you would expect in a normal car Lamborghini have grown in popularity and numbers but they have still managed to maintain that delightful air of craziness.  With this increase in popularity and numbers comes the risk of issues like crashes, break downs and fires. Youtube is full of videos of over keen owners enjoying the exhaust spitting flames only to end up with a car fire because they over did it. FEV make a wide range of high performance car fire extinguishers that can be fitted to all Lamborghini models to give that little bit of extra insurance against a fire getting out of hand.

Green Lamborghini

Which Lamborghini?

Whether you are a proud owner of a classic Diablo, or one of the last Murciélagos, FEV can help you decide which type of fire suppression system is right for your Lambo. You may just feel you would like that extra level of safety in your brand new Huracan where a hand held fire extinguisher would be the most convenient option. Whatever you needs, our team will be able to help and advise depending on what you use your car for and how you use it.

Track Day and Race Car Fire Extinguishers

For those of you who like to push the limits of your Lamborghini at track days or perhaps even further into the world of racing you will probably already have considered a fire extinguisher system. FEV offer fully plumbed in systems perfectly suited for all types of racing from the occasional track day to full MSA and FIA regulated events. These systems allow the suppressant to be directly discharged into the engine bay and other high risk areas. All our extinguishers are FIA and MSA approved so even if you do not want to go to the extent of a plumbed in system you are cleared to race in the relevant category if all that is required is a handheld unit.

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For some people a fire extinguisher can be a very useful way of combating a small fire in a classic car to save it from irreparable damage, for others they are a legal racing requirement; whatever your needs FEV are ready to help and advise on the best car fire extinguisher for you and your beloved Lamborghini. Get In Touch Today!

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