Mercedes Fire Extinguisher

mercedesMercedes have made some of the most iconic cars of all time, from the 300 SL to the stunning AMG SLS. Reliability, power, precision and desirability are all words we expect to hear when talking about Mercedes. You may be the lucky owner of a classic 280 SL or use an AMG C63 estate as a day to day car. In both forms of use and many in between, fire can be a real risk to your car. FEV have many years of experience both based in motorsport and road cars in supplying and installing many different types of car fire extinguisher for many different marques including Mercedes.

Often a classic Mercedes is bought as an investment and is only driven to events such as the Goodwood Revival, a fire in such a car would not only destroy the cherished vehicle but also the value of the car. Once fire takes hold it will destroy all the authentic parts that are all but irreplaceable so that even if the car was re built the original value is often diminished. FEV are able to provide fully plumbed in fire extinguisher systems to suppress fire at the push of a button or hand held car fire extinguishers to use in the early stages of fire to stop it taking hold.

Many later and modern Mercedes models are used as track day cars, and although not competitive racing, track day driving can be fast and accidents do happen. Having a Mercedes fire extinguisher system installed gives piece of mind that fire can be dealt with initially and hopefully avoiding injury or car damage.

For MSA and FIA events like classic hill climbs or more contemporary sprint events all cars must have MSA approved fire extinguishers fitted. FEV are able to supply FIA and MSA approved in car fire extinguishers for all Mercedes models old and new. Get in touch for advice on what you may need for your type of event or check the Bluebook and speak to the experts at FEV about installation and supply of your Mercedes fire extinguisher.

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