Porsche Fire Extinguishers

Track day - sports car on a trackA very large percentage of all Porsches manufactured are still on the road and some sources even quote nearly 70%, but from time to time problems do occur. Whether it’s the recent issues with the GT3 or an incident caused by another road user car fires can and do happen.  FEV provide a wide range of car fire extinguishers from fully plumbed in engine bay systems to handheld car fire extinguishers built into the cabin.

Porsche 911 Fire Extinguishers

Whether you own a classic Porsche 911 as an investment or to drive, a Porsche 997, 928 track car, or you have just purchased a Boxster as a day to day car, FEV can supply and fit the right in car fire extinguisher to suit your needs.

A classic Porsche can be as much an investment as an object of many years of dreaming, in either situation a fire can not only destroy the car but due to the nature of classic cars destroy any chance of replacing rare and original interior or parts. This can leave the remains of the car being worth considerably less even if it was fully restored to concourse condition, simply because the original parts are no longer used. FEV are able to provide years of experience to make sure you are prepared and are able to prevent the total loss of your car if a fire does occur.

Track Day Fire Extinguishers

Track days or MSA and FIA events can be dangerous, for most events an MSA approved fire extinguisher system is needed to even compete. Track days do not have the same restrictions but protecting yourself and your car in the event of a crash is very important. FEV provide MSA and FIA approved systems for all types of motorsport and can supply and install various level of fire suppression system for your Porsche.

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To find out more about how FEV can help protect you and your Porsche with a Porsche fire extinguisher please contact us on 01243 555566 where one of our team can help advise you further or get in touch via e mail on sales@f-e-v.co.uk and someone will get back to you right away.



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