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McLaren M7C


Well, it’s nearly time to kick of the 2017 F1 season and as always at this time of year the motorsport world is awash with discussions about the new season’s cars. Wider tyres, shark fins and more….but what does it all mean for the sport?

The New Age

No new car changes will ever be as major as the move to hybrid engines. Many still mourn the loss of the howling engines of a few years ago; the FEV team included. However the 2017 cars do look quite different and there are some interesting new ideas being implemented. One of the major things we are not going to be seeing is the “halo” safety system as it was first shown. It seems it was just too much in terms of a change so it will be interesting to see the discussion starts again as we look ahead to 2018.

Wider Tyres

OK so it’s not exactly the giant rear tyres of the 70s but the new larger rear tyres do look good. They are apparently to help the cars cope with extra down force and higher speeds. There are claims that we will be seeing 3 second drops in lap times compared to 2016 so there are some big aims if nothing else. The new wider rubber does look substantial when seen in the workshop and off the cars but even on the car the whole stance is more aggressive and generally wider.

Shark Fin

As more of the cars are unveiled we are seeing different levels of use when it comes to the shark fin design. The aero bodywork behind the top air intake seems to vary a lot. Mercedes have chosen to move away from what other cars seem to have embraced so it remains to be seen how this will affect results and if they move to join the crowd. The “fin” look is certainly a hit with the fans and continues to build the aggressive and sleek look of the new cars.

Wing Mirrors and everything else

It is certainly the case with the Mercedes car that the wing mirrors are a location where a lot of change is happening. They are much bigger than 2016 and seem to contain more cameras; it is thought these are to allow more detailed monitoring of tyre temperature. It looks as though the rear wings are a lot lower this year but with more complex aero designs around them. Also the front splitters seem to have got even more complicated than 2016.


There is no doubt the new cars look great, not one that we have seen so far looks bad and that is great news because a couple of years back things were not so easy on the eye. However it is fair to say McLaren have stolen the show with a bold move to black and orange livery. It is a throw back to many years ago but we cant help but think they went too far back and missed the great 90s livery we all loved so much. We all hope 2017 is a turning point for the team.

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