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Formula E now seems somewhat part of the motor racing fabric, albeit a fairly small one. However, it was only 2013 when the BBC ran a feature on it calling the race series “the future, or so some people think”. That is really not very long ago at all, and it seems so much has changed in such a short time that we are beginning to accept the electric car in many ways we never thought we would, including racing.

Let’s Talk About Torque

There is not getting away from it, one big, and rather fun part of electric motors is the fact they are able to generate huge amounts of torque. The has always been the case but due to battery weight, capacity and simply a lack of appetite the idea of racing with these power units never really came up. Of course, bags of torque is not always ideal, in some cases it can make a car very hard to control and in wet conditions basically impossible. But, as always, some boffins somewhere tinkered away until the grunt was controlled and all of a sudden we started seeing viable racing cars.

Early Days of the New Era

Electric motors did not just appear in racing out of the blue along with the slick, if a little flimsy looking, Formula E racing cars. No, as is often the case it was the F1 teams that started pushing the limits of what you could do with electric motors as a way to get the sport to appear a little more green. With energy coming from the KERS systems and then being dumped back down onto the tarmac by electric motors F1 fans were suddenly treated to some interesting battles right across the grid.

Before Formula E came along there had been various attempts at adding EV categories to larger race events like Pikes Peak, the TT and Le Mans with varying levels of success. So making the leap to running not only a full racing car on electric but running an entire race series was a big gamble.

The Future of Electric Racing

With Formula E certainly having its fans and no shortage of action what is the next step for electric racing? There have been a few attempts to create new series that sadly haven’t worked out but it is surely only a matter of time before something else comes along. There is a bit of an issue with noise as most car fans do rather like the sound of an engine but at the same time if the racing is close and fast then the crowds will appear. It certainly adds to the fun when you have things like fan boost where fans can vote for certain drivers to have extra power during a race, not ideal for the purists but certainly something for new fans to enjoy.  The pulling power will also be supported by the fact as car owners we are becoming more accepting of the fact that electric cars are going to play a part in the future one way or another so seeing them on the race track seems to make sense.

Even though EVs do not carry fuel in the traditional sense fire safety is still important and the FIA will still be very carefully regulating all new and existing series as they should do. If you would like to find out more about any kind of motorpsort fire extinguishers then get in touch today we are always developing new systems for all forms of motorsport and more.



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