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For some time now the world of computer driving games and the world of real racing have been intertwined. But now F1 is joining the party and fans are set to love it!


Before the world of video games that were actually any good motor racing teams were using top of the line computers to generate simulation programmes. These were designed to allow the drivers to practice when the track was not an option. It was cheaper than potentially crashing a car on a test lap and it allowed things to be developed in secret. Not only that, but it meant the drivers simply had more time in the car.


As games consoles and PCs got better so did the games and the advent of the Grand Turismo series really saw a leap forward in terms of car dynamics and handling. This lead to a serious number of new gamers getting consoles. These people were not interesting in fighting elves or playing soldiers; they wanted to drive and drive fast!

Since the first GT games there have been a number of other series like Project Cars, Forza Motor Sport and Project Gotham Racing. It was the first that really took it to another level though when Playstation launched the GT Academy. Here online environments were used to create a huge race series that, in the end, produced drivers that were invited to race for real. Some of these drivers went on to race in the LMP class!

Formule 1 eSports Series

E sports is a growing movement where gaming is becoming a sport in itself. Where GT took gamers and made then racing drivers eSports is all about simply celebrating gaming that is so good it can be a spectator sport in its own right. The idea with this series is to work alongside the Codemasters release of their F1 2017 game providing another massive online championship. The later stages of this competition will be held at the Gfinity Arena in London.

The aim is to bring fans deeper into the sport by allowing many of them to actually be part of an officially sanctioned version of F1. It certainly allows those with enough time or skill to race in front of people and enjoy the thrill of real competition. Nay sayers will claim its not real racing because there is no danger but we think any form of motor racing is good as long as the participants are enjoying themselves.

It is fair to say the drivers may not need a fire extinguisher system…well unless their control pad gets a bit hot of course.



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