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As everyone knows, well everyone who likes motorsport, the F1 world has been wrangling with itself on how to offer more head protection for the drivers. After the tragic death of Jules Bianchi the call for something more substantial has been bubbling away. Now Ferrari have tested a new option for this upgraded protection being called the shield.

No Need for the shield?!

There are some people out there that think this level of protection is not needed, they perhaps like the idea of racing being dangerous. They also probably look back at the “old days” of F1 and think it was all perfect. Sadly, that is not the case and a lot of people lost theirs lives. There is no doubt we all enjoy an element of risk in many things and it should not disappear completely but most normal people agree that deaths are simply not acceptable and a great deal should be done to make sure we do not see them in the future. The idea of safety is not a new one and the myriad of modifications that have happened since the dawn of motorracing go to prove that. This is just one more step along the same road.

Le Mans?

Taking everything said above into account there is also no way of escaping the fact that F1 is open top racing and the shield is one big step towards that no longer being the case. One social media comment caught our eye when the person mentioned it looked like the Ferrari car was about to enter Le Mans. This was a joke, of course, but the way it swoops back from quite far down the nose does make it only a small leap from a shield to a full cover.

Lewis Hamilton and the FIA

The sports governing body have made it clear the shield is their preferred option for additional driver protection compared to the “canopy” and the “halo”. However, multi world champ Lewis Hamilton does not feel quite the same! He was quoted as saying it’s the “worst looking modification” in the sport’s history. That is certainly a strong statement. We would love to post a picture up to show you but sadly the few people that took a snap during testing are rather keen on keeping ownership of their images. However, here is a link to a news story in case anyone had not seen it yet – The Shield 

The Future

It remains to be seen if this latest solution to a very talked about problem will be seen on track in 2018 but it’s worth remembering its easy to talk about it when we are not driving at over 200 mph so maybe the drivers should be the ones to comment. As a company that plays a big part in F1 fire safety we are always supportive of ways to keep the drivers safe as well as embracing the spirit of the sport.

If you would like any info about fire safety in motorsport and how FEV can help you chose the right suppression system for you then get in touch today.


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