FIA Try to Cut Costs for World Rallycross

FIA World Rallycross Championship

It is always great to see measures being put into place to allow more teams and more people to take part in racing of any kind. More teams and more drivers mean more fun and more fans, which can only be a good thing. So we were really pleased to hear the FIA has just announced a few measures to help keep the cost of World Rallycross down.

What Measures?

After the World Motor Sport Council meeting on 6th December, it was announced that “several” measures would be brought in for 2018. More details will come out soon but these will include gearbox, tyre, turbo and even aero rules.


It seems the number of turbos allowed has been reduced from six to four. This means across the 12 rounds the teams will have to make do with less in the way of new kit, which keeps the cost down for teams that struggle to pay for six. Before 2013, teams could use one engine and two turbos at each event.


New tyre rules have also been brought in to stop people using unregistered tyres in warm-up and practice, and then moving to their allocation for the race. The teams now have 12 wet and 12 dry tyre sets for the first two round. From the third round onwards, they have a maximum of 8 wet and 8 dry.


There are also new rules surrounding the changes being made to cars mid-season. A number of aspects now need to be agreed and declared at the start of the season as part of the technical passport. The idea is that this removes added development costs during the season. Things like the location of the gearbox and the use of a central diff now has to be declared. Gear ratios are now restricted to 2 sets for the whole season and there will also be a similar restriction put on things like brakes.

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