Going Up Against Hamilton?

As the excitement for the new F1 season really starts to boil up it was really interesting to hear Lewis Hamilton’s father making a few comments about not only his son’s career but what might result from challenging him.


Valtteri Bottas

Even those people who only carry a mild interest in the world of F1 were aware of Rosberg’s shock departure and the ensuing gossip around his replacement. They are also likely to know the a certain Mr Bottas got, the now famous, second seat at Mercedes for the 2017 season. There are rumours the contract is only for a year but nonetheless Bottas now has a serious shot at really making his already good name into something special. Mercedes clearly have their engineering well sorted and everyone assumes 2017 will be yet another year of domination. This means any driver worth their salt would want to have a crack at the title in Bottas’s position. As a Fin, Bottas certainly carries that air of cool about him when it comes to racing, even when he had a couple of run ins with his fellow countryman Kimi Raikkonen but will it be enough to cope with a title fight. 


Lewis Hamilton

There is no doubt at all that Lewis Hamilton is a great driver; one of the greatest, in fact. However, he is not without his critics in terms of his attitude and apparent separation from much of the social and sportsmanship aspects of racing. His father is certainly a big driving force behind him and has been since a very young age; no doubt many of Lewis’s career moves have been done after some serious consultation with his dad. Winning three world championships is clearly not enough for Lewis, though, and he will be pushing hard to make sure 2017 sees him take a fourth.

Bottas vs Hamilton

Whoever took the second Mercedes seat was going to be put under immense pressure from the media but there are two ways the situation could be approached from a driver point of view. The first would be to simply accept that Hamilton is in charge, will win, and just use this chance to play it steady and come out looking solid and safe. The second is to go head to head with the 3 times world champ and take whatever consequences come!

It is this second option that Anthony Hamilton seems to have been warning against when he made some comments recently at a charity event. He essentially said that Lewis may be getting older but he is actually just entering his prime as a driver. The thought that Hamilton has so far not been at his best is quite a staggering one and it leaves us all thinking what he might be capable of. The next point Anthony made was perhaps a little less constructive; He suggested that anyone going up against Lewis could be making a potentially career ending move. It was not clear if he meant literally anyone racing against Lewis, and in that case the entire grid is at risk or if he meant a team mate. Delving deeper into that last point we are not sure if he meant simply being a team mate is potentially career ending or just being cock sure enough to try and beat Lewis was the potential problem.

We can only presume Anthony was not suggesting Hamilton would in some way purposely end a competitors career and just that Lewis is simply so good that attempting to beat him would end in disaster. Whatever the situation the general feeling is that Bottas may seem calm but is very unlikely to be ready to play second fiddle to anyone and that means a very exciting 2017 season at the front yet again!

From the point of view of the team here at FEV we work with a large number of the teams on the F1 grid and, as with many F1 fans, we love to see great racing. The winner is certainly important but it is the excitement and love of the sport we enjoy so we will certainly be wishing both drivers the best of luck this year!

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