All Hail Max Verstappen

Max VerstappenNot content with being the youngest person ever to race in F1 the young Mr Verstappen soon set about making his mark on top flight motorsport. Sometimes he has been brilliant, sometimes he has been a bit reckless but he has never been accused of being boring. It was the recent F1 visit to Brazil, however, that really allowed him to show what he is not only capable of but what more he has to offer.


For many of us here the idea of being born in 1997 seems rather ridiculous but when you also consider Max Verstappen has a FIA Super License and can drive the highest performance racing cars in the world also seems a little bonkers. But as a child he was brought up in and around racing with both his parents being no stranger to a track to put it mildly so it really isn’t any great surprise he is what he is.  That being said, being brought up around a sport doesn’t mean you get to be good at it. Damon Hill is, and was, a great driver, just like his dad, but he clearly had to work hard. His son Josh has now left competitive racing after the hope he would become the 3rd generation of Hills to be a racing legend and that just shows not everyone is automatically cut out for it.

The Magic Formula

What Max Verstappen has is more than just a bit of heritage and the financial backing to have a chance at being a racing driver. He has something very special, and that is the ethereal and un-quantifiable formula that great drivers like Senna and Schumacher had. His racing may still need a little refinement in terms of F1 but his CV is simply jam packed with wins and lap times that far more experienced drivers simply can’t keep up with.


The recent Brazilian Grand Prix was certainly an interesting one. That much rain is always going to throw more than a few spanners in the works but it is situations like that which often show what the drivers are really capable of. There is no doubt he was doing well but after the pit stop and drop back to 16th his subsequent charge to 3rd was just electric. The bravery and intelligence when looking at how to get past people shows a level of creativity we have not seen for some time. Using the “karting” line in the wet to find some grip and go around the outside of someone like Vettel may not always work but it certainly paid off this time. This one race has taken Verstappen from being someone that commanded a lot of interest to someone who commands a lot of respect.

The Future

There is no doubt now that Verstappen is going to win the world championship at some point. How this will happen we can only guess, but the journey will certainly be an entertaining one and everyone at FEV is certainly keen to see how next season shapes up. Red Bull are certainly going to be very pleased with themselves and F1 fans should be too…here’s to lots more overtaking and bold moves!

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