Hungarian Grand Prix – Radios and Middle Fingers


Well the Hungarian Grand Prix may not have been the most exciting race of the year, and it certainly wasn’t the most exciting one we have seen at the circuit itself but the day wasn’t short of interesting moments in areas that were not strictly racing.

Jenson Button  – Radio Ga Ga

As any F1 fan will know the rules about what teams can say to drivers are getting tighter and tighter. The aim of these rules are clear; they are to stop the teams giving the drivers every single bit of information they might need to win and to force the drivers to think more and thus increase the pressure on their skills. Gone are the days of the team telling the driver the exact corner their team mate is faster on, how to manage fuel by the lap, where to lift off to help reduce tyre degradation and more. But with these new rules comes a fair bit of uncertainly; human interaction is not an exact science and guidelines can often be broken unintentionally.

Jenson Button’s brake pedal went to the floor mid race because of a hydraulic problem. The team told him to fall back and suggested changing something to fix the issue. The problem is, that the officials deemed this as unfair and hit Button with a stop go penalty. Button has been pretty vocal about his feelings on this as the rules do allow certain safety issues to be discussed and he argues the brakes are certainly that. By taking instructions from the team he feels he avoided a potential accident. He also went in the pits earlier to sort the problem so a second visits seemed unfair.

Whatever the outcomes of these rules there are certainly feelings around the fact that no amount of help can make a bad driver good, but from a spectator point of view it is perhaps more exciting seeing a driver having to use their wits and feel rather than being told who is faster etc.

Disrespectful Lewis?

Another gripe filled moment from the weekend was a slight issue with a middle finger that may or may not have been extended to Esteban Gutierrez. As Rosberg was chasing Hamilton down, or attempting too, the pair hit upon some traffic and the blue flags were brought out. At this point Gutierrez was deemed to have held Lewis up and given a 5 second penalty. As Lewis passed Gutierrez has claimed he raised his middle finger and he found this to be somewhat disrespectful. Hamilton said the hand was raised in frustration and it was just that…a hand, though he had wanted to do more. Gutierrez suggested on twitter that just because Hamilton was world champion it didn’t mean he could be disrespectful to other drivers. There have even been claims that the 5 second penalty was a result of Hamilton’s frustration and that if he had not been annoyed it would not have happened. Let’s all hope and assume the later is not true and that the officials made the right call, but Gutierrez did say he was waiting for a safe place to let them past and this should not be taken lightly as it is the right thing to do.

As a company we build fire extinguishers for a number of F1 teams but we are also huge fans of the sport as we are of many forms of motorsport and like other fans we want lots of fun and fast racing and a big helping of good sportsmanship.

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