Jenson Button – Too Long In F1?

Jenson Button

Too Long in F1

The big news story for some is that Jenson felt he had simply spent too long in F1 and had somewhat fallen out of the love with motorsport. He was keen to point out he still loved racing but it was the sport itself he needed a break from. He suggested that he perhaps stayed just a year longer than he should and this is understandable; as great as McLaren is they have not had a great run over the last few years and that must have been tough. Jenson also clearly stated he doesn’t miss F1 at all.

Super GT

It seems his recent Super GT 1000km race really rekindled the racing fire in Jenson. Even though his race wasn’t exactly trouble free he said the moment it was finished he wanted to get straight back in to do it again.

Where Now?

Most people know that Jenson spends a lot of time running, cycling and generally being very fit. He also has a triathlon team but it seems motor racing is still something he wants to do. When asked about where and what he might be racing he simply said there are a few options. Interestingly, he was not keen on the GT classes because he said he simply could not handle being overtaken all the time by faster classes.

When Autosport asked about IndyCar Jenson said:

“There are some great drivers racing IndyCar, but it scares the s**t out of me”; he went on to say he was surprised the drivers were still racing.

He also then went on to admit that formula E was simply not for him and as exciting as the technology was he wanted to hear an engine roar and be behind the wheel of a 600+ bhp car.

Whatever Jenson decides to do he will always have a place in British motorsport fans’ hearts as a true gentleman racer.

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