So Many Different Ways to Race

So Many Different Ways to Race

Sometimes the racing world can be guilty of focusing on the top level of motorsport like F1, LMP and BTCC. While doing this many people then seem to forget that there is so much more going on in motor racing than just the big races. There is so much going, in fact, we thought we would take some time to highlight some of the main types of racing people do in the UK.

Types Of MotorSport

There are 11 main types of motorsport in the UK according to the MSA website.

  • Autocross
  • Autotest
  • Circuit Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Drag Racing
  • Hill Climb
  • Karting
  • Rallycross
  • Rallying
  • Spring
  • Trails

Even just taking a minute to look at this list and then think about how many different classes and events go on in each type is mind boggling. For many people motor racing simply involves circuit racing, they are not even thinking about the other 10 types of racing. This is a shame as there are 1000s of people entering, enjoying and winning all the time across this wide range to types.

Open to Everyone

There are a number of more entry level types of motorsport that are just perfect for people to get involved in without perhaps investing the huge sums of money often associated with motorsport. Hill Climbs and Autotest are both examples of this kind of racing. Of course you can get very involved and spend a great deal to be the best and compete for national titles. However, there is also a huge amount of fun to be had by just joining a club, getting a basic car set up and taking part. Autotest for example can cost as little as £700-£1000 per year to enter and you do not even need a special car. Sprint is another type of racing that can involve a near standard car but, as with most types of racing can also involve some very specialised and expensive vehicles.

Where It All Began

There is no doubt Karting is the place where legends are created. Most F1 drivers have spent time in karts and, in fact, a huge number of successful drivers in other classes have done the same. Karting can be perfect as a cheap form of motorsport with the rise of the “arrive and drive” style kart tracks. However, to start racing in your own kart things do get a little more expensive and can very easily get pretty serious. It may seem like child’s play to those who are not in the know but never under estimate how serious karting is!


If you like living on the edge and you don’t mind getting a bit muddy then rallying is the way forward. This is certainly not a low profile motorsport but there is a lot going on that doesn’t make it onto TV. You do need a car that meet regulations and this would include a fire extinguisher and you also need to pass the BARS exam but it is far from a closed sport reserved for only the best. Rallycross is fast becoming the hottest thing in racing and this is partly due to the accessibility but also due to how much fun it is! Using both dirt and tarmac makes for a whole lot of action for spectators and drivers alike.

The Bold and The Brave

OK let’s face it, drag racing is not for the faint hearted and the costs and technology involved in top level racing is extreme to say the least. However, there is a whole host of events where people can attempt the famous standing quarter mile in road cars or that are only lightly modified. So called “run what you brung” events at places like Santa Pod can make it very easy to get involved. That being said, once the bug bites people do tend to start spending more and more chasing the elusive personal records. The move up to full drag racing is a big step and take more than money, it takes a whole lot of guts too but thankfully people go for it otherwise we would not get to watch these insane cars doing their thing.

The above list is really just a taste of the wide and varied world of motorsport. It is open to everyone and at the same time closed to all but the best and those with the biggest pockets and it is this mix that makes it so much fun. We provide fire extinguishers systems for all types of motorsport from simple handheld units for track day and autotest cars to fully fledged rally systems for top level teams and even F1 teams. There is one level throughout all the levels of motorsport and that is safety, no matter what people are doing if it involves racing then it has to involve safety and it has to involve proper fire suppression systems.  Get in touch today if you would like to find out more about how FEV can help make sure you have the right system in place for your type of racing.



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