So much motorsport so little time

As you might expect, the team at FEV love motorsport. We work with teams and drivers from so many different disciplines and levels it is astounding. Be it someone running a track day car for fun or an entry level auto trials car, right up to teams with cars on the F1 grid. However, in between these two extremes there are more events, races and types of racing than anyone could ever find time to watch.

We are very lucky in the UK, we have tracks and courses for pretty much every kind of motorsport. You can go right to the top and watch the F1 at the mighty Silverstone, or perhaps head over to your local off road course and watch some mud plugging! We have played host to some stunning rally stages over the years and still do, our winding roads, hills and forests are perfect to show case some of the best driving in the world. Let’s not forget we also have Goodwood, and what a place it is. The track is not far from the FEV head quarters and events like the Festival of Speed the 73rd Members Meeting and the Revival are all world class and draw people from all over the globe.

Festival of Speed

There are many other types of motorsport that may not hit the headlines in the same way as F1 and classic events; the much loved Santa Pod raceway is now one of seven places in the UK you can watch real drag racing, a sport that has always been something the US lays claim too. We have a fantastic kart racing scene in the UK which shows itself in the number of British drivers in top level global motorsport. Then there is the BTCC ( British Touring Car Championship ) which is something not to be missed with close racing, lots of contact and some fierce rivalry. Rally Cross has always been popular but it is now getting more attention than ever with FIA races, big sponsorship and big coverage, yet another great sport to try and keep up with.

We love it all, and we love working with drivers from all these disciplines and more, we just wish we had more time to watch more races. But we are happy to be swamped with orders and keeping all these great cars stocked with fire stopping solutions!


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