Susie Wolff gets track time confirmed in 2015

We are always very proud to be a company that supplies car fire extinguisher systems for a large portion of the F1 grid, and as you might expect we are also keen F1 fans. So the FEV office were really pleased to hear that confirmed Williams test driver Susie Wolff will be getting some more public track time this year.

Susie Wolff


The life of a test/back up driver can be one that is not particularly in the public eye but from time to time they get the chance to drive in the Friday practice sessions and Williams have confirmed Susie will be doing just this. We will hopefully be seeing her on track in Spain and more importantly in the UK at Silverstone.

Many people assume the lack of women F1 drivers is down to the fact, like most other sports, there is some kind of gender restrictions. This is not the case in F1 or in most motor racing. Women are very much on an even footing in terms of being allowed to drive and race and we think that is a good thing.



There are a number of British female drivers out there doing a great job and Susie is certainly helping publicise that motorsport is, at least in this area, quite forward thinking.

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Good luck Susie, hopefully we see you getting a full drive in 2016.

Susie Wolff Driving




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