Will Alonso Leave F1?

Fernando Alonso

In a recent interview, the mighty Fernando Alonso suggested that he will decide on his future plans after the summer break this season. If he leaves, it will certainly be a blow for the sport, as it is when anyone so important chooses to leave.

It is no secret that Alonso has not been happy with the cars he has been given over the last few years but he did state he was currently pleased with the improvement and direction McLaren was going in. The former world champion has not seen a podium since 2014 and not stood on top of one in F1 since 2013, which is a long time in anyone’s book.

Triple Crown

This all comes as Alonso tries to get the triple crown of motorsport with an F1 world title and World Endurance wins, and he is pushing for his Le Mans 24 Hour win next month. He is running his 2018 F1 fight alongside racing in the World Endurance Championship for Toyota in which he won his first race at Spa recently.


One of the issues Alonso seemed to allude to is a lack of time. The F1 calendar is very busy this year and it seems that he might be struggling to fit everything in. Despite F1 being the pinnacle of motorsport in many peoples’ eyes, it may soon be playing second fiddle to the Endurance Series for Alonso.

F1 – Predictable

In the interview, Alonso seemed sad about what he called the predictability of F1. He suggested it had got to such a state that you could predict qualifying times for most races and more. He said it was sad that everything went in the direction it did.

When talking about his future plans, it was clear he was using these issues to weigh up his future in F1. He certainly doesn’t seem to want to leave motorsport but it doesn’t look very good for his presence in F1 itself.

Alonso is clearly one of the best drivers in the world, and during recent years battling hard for mid field positions he has put in some of the best drives of his life. We really hope he stays; it would be great to see him grab another title before he called it a day on racing altogether.

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Fernando Alonso during Formula One Test Days


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