Motorsport Can Be Funny

Anyone who has every taken part in a motorsport event or even been to a track will have seen the famous signs stating that “Motorsport can be dangerous”. It seems like a very obvious thing to say, clearly flying round a track in, or on, any kind of vehicle is going to carry some risk but the signs are really there to make sure people take part at their own risk.

Motorsport is very dangerous, it is all too easy to watch it and forget just how close to the edge the drivers are, they make it all look so easy. It is only when a crash happens you actually get to see how wrong it can go. But not all crashes are bad ones, just like anything else, mistakes can sometimes be rather funny too. It might be someone making a silly error and taking a little trip across a very big and relatively safe gravel trap that causes a few raised eye brows but recently in the famous Porsche Carrera Cup things took a somewhat different turn.

The incident happened at the Circuit de Navarre in Spain after a very normal start. It was not until the cars reached turn 3 and a number of cars made contact with each other that things started to get rather odd. Any race that involves cars making contact is potentially very dangerous but in the case the corner was not that fast and the drivers all got away with it… well, almost all of them.  Jules Gounon and Joffrey De Narda somehow managed to end up stationary with Gounon’s cars sitting on top of De Narda’s. Both cars were left completely stationary in the middle of the corner and neither driver suffered any injuries at all.


As you might expect Gounon got out of his car very quickly to avoid any issues with the car on top but the roll cage would certainly minimise the risk of crushing. This left De Narda to clamber out of his car and jump down from the roof of the other Porsche.

There is no avoiding the fact that this incident is an amusing one and it is always great news when another race goes by without anyone being hurt but it does also highlight the utter unpredictability of motorsport. No matter how much preparation goes into designing a car, safety barriers, fire extinguishers and more when you throw in fiercely determined drivers, speed and good helping of physics you just never know what will happen. All anyone can do is make sure all the MSA and FIA safety regulations are adhered too because they are a very good starting point to help protect drivers against the unpredictable nature of motorsport incidents.

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