Ferrari Crashes

Youtube is awash with videos of people crashing and doing silly things in cars but what is it about supercar crash videos everyone loves so much? There is no doubt people seem to enjoy seeing people with cars they wish they owned crash them but that small number of mean people are not the sole reason these videos are popular. Perhaps it comes down to something more about the driver than the car, the idea that people crash when they show off is undoubtedly a funny one and one that people really enjoy watching. It is not about being jealous it is about seeing silly behaviour rewarded with some instant karma and super cars have that on offer by the bucket load.

With Great Power Comes….

Great responsibility! This old saying is very pertinent when it comes to super cars. They are not meant to be easy to drive, just because people can afford one doesn’t mean they can actually drive one. So many of the crashes seen on these videos are avoidable. They always seem to happen when the driver attempts to put the power down without the experience or awareness of what is likely to happen. In a powerful car like some of the Ferraris in this video the back of the car is simply going to come out under full throttle, especially when the car is turning. It is easy for viewers to see what is happening and why it is happening, but sadly the drivers don’t seem to be on the same page. Under heavy throttle the rear tyres break traction and the back comes swinging round; it is at this point some more experienced drivers might be able to get things back under control but it seems many of these drivers are not able to do anything at all.


As well as the slow speed shunts there are a number of high speed crashes, ignore the racing clips, they are just interesting to watch, and these are very worrying. Supercars are potentially very dangerous in the wrong hands and sadly showing off in one around people is likely to end up in serious injury or worse. These cars are simply not for everyone as this video shows, however there are a great many places where people can learn how to drive these cars well. A quick Google search will reveal track day tuition and all sorts of driver skills programmes which would equip owners with some extra techniques that might just save these stunning cars from getting smashed and potentially save lives.

As always it is sad to see these wonderful cars in bits but hopefully these videos might serve as a little bit of a warning to future supercar owners to take care and avoid showing off, also they might inspire people to seek some training before trying to tame these beasts!

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