Is a Ferrari SUV on the cards?

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We do now live in a world where luxury fast car brands are making SUVs. In fact, everyone is making SUVs. They seem to be the most pervasive car type ever created! OK so they are useful but how many people really need one? And are Ferrari really going to make one?


This, although very “now”, is not a new concept. Lamborghini created their monstrous LM002 in the late 80s but only 328 were ever made and it was, well, rather ugly to say the least. The new Urus will essentially be a new version of the LM002 and it looks a lot better but it still feels odd coming from Lambo.

Porsche are also in this sector and have managed to make the Cayenne really stick. Older versions do look a bit dated now but the newer smaller models are fast and fun. The Bentley Bentayga really shook the automotive world when it came out in 2016 because this was not just another luxury SUV; it was a performance brand moving into SUV production. Aston Martin will be launching their DBX crossover in the coming month too….is it really only Ferrari left out?


Ferrari have generally maintained they were not going to build an SUV and most fans of the brand were pleased about this. However, recent comments from Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne suggest otherwise. It has been a question fired at Ferrari press conferences more times than an episode of Top Gear is shown on Dave but each time is was pushed back…until now.


Marchionne’s comments suggest that Ferrari are serious about making something. What that something is seems to be a little hazier. There is talk of the brand doing it the Ferrari way and reinventing a car that has some utility aspects rather than just creating another SUV. How this would play out is anyone’s guess and it is very hard to predict. Auto analyst Max Warburton suggested it would be a FUV or Ferrari Utility Vehicle and that it would not have visible rear doors. Investors are clearly not keen on a 4 door car so using the word hidden is a very cunning way of getting around that.


Whatever this all leads to, it will certainly be fast and no doubt very rare and some very rich people will buy one. But will it go a little way to taking some of the wonder out of the brand? Hopefully not. Either way, it seems nothing much will happen for the next 2 or 3 years as 2020 seems to be the rumoured date for manufacture and 2021 for launch.

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