M-Sport confirm they will make an all-electric rally car

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With Formula E becoming more popular it was really only a matter of time before someone decided to see what an electric rally car could do. It seems that time has arrived and M-Sport are the ones pushing the boundaries.

The Next Step

Malcolm Wilson has confirmed that the Cumbria based firm have already started work on developing an all-electric rally car. He was quoted as saying he felt an EV was the next technological step for the sport. This really does make sense too. Stage based racing is perfect for EVs because of the option to charge or switch batteries at the end of each stage. There is however a lot of mud, dust and water involved in the sport which could play its part in causing some issues.

Testing This Year

The car will be based on existing development work on an electric Fiesta that will be aimed at the national market. The tech used in this development will then be used to create the rally car that will hopefully be used in the next set of rally cars once the regulation cycle comes to an end. As it stands, of course, they cannot enter an EV into the desired one-day national rally but future changes should allow them to do so.

Hush Hush

As you might imagine, details of the development are being kept very quiet, with NDAs being signed left, right and centre. M-Sport are not doing this alone; there are other companies working with them to make this happen.

Existing Electric Rally Cars

There is a Renault Zoe rally car on the scene but it is restricted due to the MSA rules. What’s more, it is only allowed in single-venue events and was really aimed at Junior and Senior 1 litre racing.

The Future

M-Sport are keen to be at the forefront of this development. It is clearly the way a great deal of automotive development is heading. Wilson suggested the WRC could be the ultimate goal but was not on the horizon now, not least because we have 3 years left of the existing regulations. Motorsport has always acted as a test bed for technology that eventually finds its way into road cars. While this is perhaps not new tech there will no doubt be a great many parts of this development process that will yield better range, performance and handling options for general electric road cars.

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