Mazda RX-9 Worth The Wait!?

Mazda RX-7 First GenerationOK so normally we like to post about motorsport related topics because that is the world in which we do most of our work from track days to F1. However, in some cases there is more general motoring news that gets us all chatting or in this case dribbling somewhat!

It seems Mazda have finally confirmed they are going to build a successor to the mighty RX-7 and RX-8 and what a successor it is going to be! Due to legal reasons we cannot duplicate the image here but there is a link at the bottom of this post that will let you have a sneaky peak. In the mean time we thought a nice picture of the original RX-7 would look nice on the page. To say the RX-9 car is pretty is a huge understatement, but what else can you say? It looks amazing? Beautiful? well yes all of the above but it also has a very angry look about it which is much needed.


Both of the predecessors looked good but the RX-8 really did turn heads and still does when you actually get to see one. Due to the nature of the rotary engine the later model does seem to burn a lot of oil and rumours of owners putting in as much oil as petrol are rife. This does not detract from it being a great car for the hardened owners though, the suicide doors, the swooping lines and strong performance make it a classic of the very near future.


Although there is not talk of any of the previous issues with the engine, the new model is, as it should be, also powered by a rotary engine. It will be pushed up to a 1.6 litre version but capacities with rotary engines are always very different and the 1.3 RX-8 engine was always classified as a 2.0 litre when compared to standard engines. This could move the new car into the 2.2-2.3 litre zone comparatively.

It seems Mazda will be pushing the limits of other new tech if not the engine format with sunken spark plugs for better economy and using turbo chargers along with a diesel-style HCCI compression ignition. Getting all this onto a rotary engine will be interesting and certainly, as it stands now, pretty cutting edge.


As always the final car is very different form the initial ideas but the current RX-9 info is somewhat further down the line than the first concept so we can but hope that most of it stays the same. There will be a live version launched in 2017 but sadly nothing will be on sale until 2020. Thisis a long way off but we are sure it will be worth the wait. The only issue may be that by that time who knows what cunning hybrid power units will be in play so will the RX-9 be out of date before it even launches? Maybe.

Here is the link, enjoy!



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