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FX G-TEC2900R3 Image

After a great deal of testing, we were really pleased to get the seal of approval from the FIA on our 8865 products some time ago. They have proved very popular and once again take great steps forward in safety for drivers. Because of the demand for more products that meet the 8865 standard, we have launched two new extinguishers that are now available to order.

The FX G-TEC2900R3-D and the FX G-TEC2900R3 are both at the cutting edge of motorsport fire safety. These units are essentially the same, apart from the size and shape of the cylinder. This variation gives customers a choice when it comes to placement in the cockpit. Both units consist of a remote charge FX C-TEC+ADS Extinguisher with 2 engine nozzles and 1 cockpit nozzle.

The 8865 standard is already in place in the WRC as well as for S2000 cars and R5 cars. Although not compulsory, it is recommended for all FIA racing and will come into force in the GT categories this year.

These extinguishers are compact and use just a single cylinder. They are affordable and highly effective. The FX G-TEC gas is excellent at suppressing a fire very quickly as well as reducing the overall temperature of the fire area which, in turn, helps prevent re-ignition.

One of the key factors about this systems is the suppressant itself is designed to be safe for the cockpit occupants as well as performing well against fires.

The control box is water resistant and all the parts have been developed to deal with very high temperatures without failing. Racing is hard on equipment, but it is paramount that your fire suppression system can cope with the physical strain put on it. These systems have been designed for racing and can cope with anything a race track or rally course can throw at them.


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