No More Diesel?

Diesel fuel warning sign

While it may not exactly be a motorsport issue, the change in the diesel market is a big one for anyone involved in the automotive sector. The recent news that Toyota will stop selling diesel cars in the UK and Europe by the end of 2018 has really made an already uncomfortable market even more uncertain.

What’s Wrong With Diesel?

For years the efficiency savings gained by using the fuel was a big positive. It basically meant less CO2. The snag was, no one seemed to notice that diesel had a bad side. As a fuel it burns in such a way that it produces a lot more dust and particulate matter which has been shown to cause a lot of health issues. The result was a trade-off between helping the environment or helping people stay healthy. Now, with hybrid engines and smaller, more efficient turbo charged petrol engines, the savings are simply not worth it.

Diesel Gate

The diesel cause was not helped by the fact that VW seemed to have faked a massive amount of data surrounding their MPG figures and emissions. This meant that the cars looked good on paper but were in fact producing a lot more CO2 than they claimed, thus failing to achieve the one thing diesel had grown popular for. Rumours of other companies doing the same thing are rife but, so far, it seems VW have taken the hit on it all.

The Future

The bottom line here is that when a car giant like Toyota call time on diesel cars you can be pretty sure a number of other big brands will follow suit. Many are suggesting a wind down by 2020 but this is likely to come forward. Talks of a scrappage scheme have been floated and, for many, it is a confusing time. Diesel owners are likely to see a hit on the residual value of their cars but there are discussions about bargains to be had on the used car market which may end up pushing prices up a little as people run out to grab the last diesel cars. The idea of grabbing a low mileage German saloon for far less than it was worth 3 years ago may be too much to turn down for many.

There certainly aren’t many diesel cars used in motorsport, nor are there any diesel super cars and the fact that it is really rather hard to set fire to diesel all means we do not come into contact with many of them. That being said, we have fitted diesel fire extinguisher systems to cars and are very happy to do so in the future. Let’s not forget, as these cars are faded out there may be some classics in there that need looking after lest they disappear forever – and we do work with a lot of classic cars!


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