The Nurburgring is not for everyone.

What was once such a fearsome race track it was called the green hell has now become somewhat of a motoring tourist attraction for petrol heads across Europe, but the track hasn’t got any easier as people continue to find out.

Who Goes There?

It seems pretty much anyone and everyone with a car or a bike can, and does, pay a visit to “the Ring” at some point. Judging by the number of car stickers people have on show it has become somewhat of a right of passage for many drivers. In many cases the drive is about touring the circuit rather than racing on it but speed is very much the name of the game for a huge number of visitors as they try to put there vehicles through their paces. The range of vehicles, even ignoring the odd van, mini bus and camper, is vast; it ranges from super cars to very old, very modified Ford Fiestas and the like. Many of the people taking modified cars are going to test their metal on this famous track but these people are often vastly in experienced and have really only ever driven on their local roads. The same can be said for the sports car owners. Simply owning a fast car, sadly, does not make anyone a good driver, let alone a racing driver so the consequences of hitting the ring in your lovely new Ferrari 458 could be serious to say the least.

What Happens?

Well, as you may well have seen on the countless YouTube videos of Nurburgring “fails” a lot of people crash.  But as well as the crashes there are also a lot of mechanical failures too. Many of the modified cars are likely to be old, it would be a fair guess to suggest that anything up to about 80% have probably done over 70’000 miles before they started being thrashed about the place. As much as the owners love and cherish these cars they were never built to race and a few laps flat out on a track like the ring is highly likely to make something go pop. Given this fact it is no surprise you see a lot of overheating cars at the side of the track as well as full engine failures and various broken bits of drive train.

The Cost Of Getting It Wrong

Apart from the personal cost of breaking a car be it because of a crash or because of a mechanical issue there are also some other costs involved that many people may not know. If you do happen to overcook it and take a chunk out of the barriers then you will find you will have to pay for the old bits to be removed and the new bits to be installed. There is also a heavy cost for a safety car and car recovery too. It can add up to rather a lot of money on top of the cost of both getting home and repairing the car. The video in this post shows just a few crashes that in themselves are not perhaps massively spectacular but when you think of the cost mounting up with every bump into the armco it becomes more and more wince inducing.

Think Twice?

There are literally thousands of people heading to the Ring every month and this is never going to change but if you are considering it do take a few minutes to factor in some of these potential extra costs. No matter how good a driver you might be, remember, Jackie Stewart crashed there and if he can then you might well find yourself in the middle of a bit of a tank slapper too and an extra £500 bill to fix the barrier as well as the cost of fixing your car might take the shine of the trip a little.

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