Singapore….The Crash That Caused a Storm

Pit Exit of Marina Bay Street Circuit

Crashes in motorsport are common; thankfully most cause little or no injury these days. This is a far cry from years ago when any contact between cars could result in serious harm or death. However, good safety equipment and fire suppression cannot protect championship points, reputations or protect drivers from the wrath of social media. This weekend saw the famous Singapore night race that has become a big hit on the F1 calendar and it also saw a rather big “shunt” at the start.

The Crash

In many cases a crash is clearly caused by one driver or another. But, in this case 3 cars came together in a straight line off the grid and a 4th fell foul of one of the aforementioned cars spinning out of control. The cause of this crash is not altogether clear and the media storm it has caused is not one that seems to want to go away. The below video shows the crash itself but it seems like Vettel comes across the block Verstappen who then also moves to the left and Raikkonen also moves across bringing all 3 cars together.

The Official Line

The incident itself has been classified as a racing incident with no further action to be taken. This simply means the official word on the matter is that it was no one’s fault.

The Outcome

The crash clearly seriously damaged the race itself and the potential for championship points for all three drivers. But perhaps more importantly it allowed Hamilton to sail away to another victory and potentially increase his lead too far for anyone to catch him.

The Fallout

There is, as always, a great deal of discussion about who was at fault and it seems Ferrari have taken to social media to say it was down to the Red Bull driver. As anyone would expect, the Red Bull camp has fought back against this with even Mark Webber coming out against it. Calls for Vettel to calm down behind the wheel have surfaced again but it is certainly hard to see who, if anyone, is actually to blame.

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