Tesla Roadster: A glimpse of the future?

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No matter how much we all love petrol engines, there is no doubt at all that electric vehicles are coming. The minute Porsche and Ferrari started using electric motors in their cars the world changed. Where once EVs and hybrids were terminally dull and a painful concept for any petrol head, suddenly we had power…lots and lots of power.

EV: All torque?

The great and undeniable thing about electric motors is the amount of torque they produce. Any car fan worth their salt appreciates neck snapping torque and a big electric motor has it by the bucket full. Acceleration is now less of an issue about how fast you can take off, it’s more about how on earth you get enough traction to get off properly.


As far as EVs go, Tesla actually make cars people want. They are cool, they are desirable and they are fast. Anyone that launches a power upgrade called “ludicrous” understands the world of cars pretty well.


Although there are a lot of very fast Teslas, nothing comes close to the new Roadster. It is so good we had to write a blog about it. Now, we can’t vouch for handling and how nice the seats are but the stats are enough to make your hair stand on end:

0-60 mph – 1.9 seconds
0-100 mph – 4.2 seconds
¼ mile – 8.8 seconds
Top Speed – 250 mph

One magazine quoted these stats as mind bending, and that is about right. 100 mile per hour in nearly 4 seconds. Just let that sink in for a moment… wow!

It also looks great, it will have a range of some 500+ miles and seems highly likely to become one of the most wanted cars on the planet. The only downside is the slightly stupid steering wheel but we can forgive that.

As EVs become more and more popular it will be very interesting to see how they start appearing in the racing world; Formula E is just the start. We are certainly ready to discuss and help any EV race car owners with fire suppression systems. If you are thinking of creating a Tesla track car then get in touch.


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