The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Well there is no doubt the new programme featuring Clarkson, May and Hammond is the hot topic of the week for car nuts across the world; but was it any good?

The team at FEV may not be an authority on entertainment, but we are one when it comes to most car related subjects so we thought we might share a few thoughts about the show.

Top Gear…oh sorry; Grand Tour

When Top Gear as we knew it finished the division of feeling about the presenters was broad. However, the unifying sentiment, felt by most viewers, was that the programme simply would not work with anyone else. This feeling was proved correct and when the BBC attempted to re launch Top Gear it didn’t do too well. The first impression we got from watching the newly branded amazon show was that it was basically the old Top Gear back again. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” certainly fits well here, the name may have changed but very little else has; at first glance anyway.

New Set, New Format?

The set itself, with the festival style concert opener and the safari style tent interior, certainly looks different and it does bring a new lease of life to the format. But, the format itself is very familiar. This is no bad thing and that small amount of freshness really works wonders. The boys are back and the barely hidden scripted ad libs are still there, along with the dad like humour. What has changed is a clear push towards being a bit more naughty. Gone has the parental feeling of the BBC and you can certainly tell Jeremy Clarkson is aware of it. There were quite a few cheeky references, even the odd swear word and it was all rather enjoyable.

What About The Cars?

Top Gear…whoops…The Grand Tour is primarily a car show, though with all the larking about you could be forgiven for missing that in the first episode. So it is important that it maintains a proper amount of petrol powered playfulness and what better way to do it than with the Holy Trinity. After it was first mentioned that Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche were not keen for their hyper cars to do battle everyone has wanted to see it so what better way to launch the Grand Tour. It was great to see the La Ferrari, 918 and the P1 on track together and very funny to see how much driver skill plays a part, even in a drag race. However, there was perhaps a little too much drifting and not enough racing. Also there were endless cuts between shots which meant the engine noise got rather messy. The budget may be in the millions of pounds but viewers still want to see and hear long shots of very fast cars going very fast?


We are all rather hoping the Grand Tour team are going to replicate some of the Christmas Special style long format programmes that Top Gear did. These adventures offered a very different style of show and worked so well for car lovers and people who were not so keen too. Time will tell but our fingers are crossed there are some more bonkers journeys afoot with laughs, mud and perhaps the odd 2CV hiding in the background.

All in all we enjoyed the Grand Tour, it was nothing new but it was something akin to a comfy slipper, albeit one that got something unfortunate on it from the garden and needed a wash before returning too. Let’s hope certain people have learnt a few lessons and can continue to entertain us without behaving badly and we can all look ahead to a good few years more of motoring japes.

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