There is Such a Thing as Too Much Power

When it comes to cars and car lovers most people would agree there is no such thing as too much power. The constant thirst for bigger and bigger numbers seems to reverberate right through the motoring world albeit tempered by physics, a vague sense of drive ability and motorsport regulations. However, in certain circles there is no such temperance and the all out dash for huge power is constant. These people that are not bridled by the normal rules are mainly found in the street modified car world and certain categories of drag racing, and it is these areas we see the real results of pure power!

Turbo Charger

Big Gains

There are many in the modifying world that have cracked the 1000 bhp ceiling. This is worth just taking a moment to consider; there are road legal modded cars out there running with almost as much if not as much power as a Bugatti Veyron…that’s a lot. Many of these cars are actually quite old too, the Toyota Supra is always a prime target for huge power gains and there are a number of now famous cars running what is now quite an ageing Japanese sports car with stats that will out strip a brand new Lamborghini.

Too Much For The Car

There does come a point during this unending chase for power where the components of the car itself can’t take the strain. This is actually very common in your every day “boy racer” car where some cheaper modifications have been added to bring up the power stats but all the standard bits and bobs are left in place everywhere else. The obvious result of this is that the old parts simply break as much bigger forces are placed on them than they were designed for. But this can also happen when the owner has planned for such events. The video below shows a now almost vintage Supra running at over 1000 bhp actually sheer all 5 wheel nuts clean off because of how much torque the engine was trying to get down onto the tarmac via what must be a titanic drivetrain.


It just goes to show in some circumstances there really is such a thing as too much power. If you have an engine that is packing more punch than the components can handle then you have reached that point. Of course, the point at which people can handle the power being brought to bare by the engine is a personal thing and often due to skill, but no amount of skill will save solid metal from giving up the fight.

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