Up In Smoke

Lamborghini Diablo

Car fires are actually a less common discussion than many people think in the FEV office. We may spend every waking hour working new ways to make sure our customers have the very best fire extinguishers in the world for their cars but thankfully that reality is that car fires are very rare. Of course in motor racing they do happen but thanks to the various regulations placed on cars by the MSA and FIA they rarely cause any harm to people at least.

With that in mind the conversation about a car fire on UK roads did come up a while ago after one of the team read an article from September last year where a poor guy had a fire in his very rare Lamborghini Diablo. The discussion centred around the obvious, what would have happen if he was carrying a hand held fire extinguisher and could the car have been saved?

The Fire

The article in question  describes how the guy was driving through Brentwood in Essex when he smelt something coming from the engine. He justifiably assumed it was the clutch, Lambos are known for having seriously heavy clutches so a few minutes in heavy traffic might leave anyone’s leg a bit tired and the clutch a bit hot. However, as he pulled up to the lights and saw a fire had started in the engine bay. All he could do was jump out and call the fire brigade, that and watch 1 of only 500 right hand drive Diablo VTs go up in smoke. For anyone who likes cars it is a sad tail, the end result was a write off though the chap did suggest he was going to try and buy it from the insurers.

The Question

The question about whether or not the car could have been spared some of the worst damage if the owner had used a fire extinguisher can never really be answered but it is highly likely a hand held unit discharged in the engine bay could have certainly slowed it down. If the car had a plumbed in gas or foam system installed it is even more likely the fire would have been stopped completely, in fact a full plumbed in system is almost guaranteed to stop a fire like that.  Obviously tackling a car fire yourself is never advisable, but given the type of car and rarity no one would have blamed the guy for having a go.

We have a large number of customers that fear just this type of thing, from supercar owners and classic and historic car owners. They simply want to have a first line of defence in case a small fire breaks out that can be stopped. If you would like to find out more about our systems then get in touch and we will happily advise you on the type of fire extinguisher you may need.


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