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Owners Club

Once the preserve of obscure people discussing obscure information about equally obscure makes of car, the owners club has become a hot bed of information, parts and cars and also a whole host of lovely people who share a passion for a vast number of different makes and models of car.


The meteoric rise of the owners club is in no small part down to the equally stunning rise of the internet. Without forums and websites the clubs would have stayed as they were; based around a club magazine and very little contact between members unless they were local to each other.  In fact even the club magazines that are still very much alive have become more prevalent due to far cheaper digital printing and design tools. You could say a very analogue world has been heavily propagated by a purely digital one.

Every Car Under The Sun

Most people would, understandably, presume only the most impressive marques and models would have enough passionate owners to create a club but they would be wrong. The fact is that there is a club for pretty much any make or model you can think of from Polos to Protons and Corsas to Camaros.  Even if you may not be massively impressed by the performance of a Renault Megane Coupe you can be sure there are a good few 1000 owners out there who cherish their cars and want to meet up, chat online and generally involve themselves in the goings on of an owners club.

Why Owners Clubs

So why should you consider joining an owners club? Well there are quite a few reasons not least of which is the fact that you can often get some great discounts on products and services by brands who want to support the clubs and drivers. One of the other big reasons for joining is the massive amount of knowledge held among the collective minds of the members. If you hear an odd noise, feel a bump in the steering or even wonder what local garage to go to then just ask on the forums; you will get plenty of great feedback. They are a great place to buy second hand parts from genuine people and they are also a perfect place to seek out a used car; who better to look after a car than a hardened owners club member?

The team at FEV love owners clubs and are happy to support them whenever we can. If you are a member of a club and would like to discuss some ideas do get in touch, or if you just want to look at a range of high performance fire extinguishers get in touch today.





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