You Can’t Get Up There!

Here at FEV it is safe to say we rather like motorsport. We have written before about what a wide range of racing the world has to offer and in all honesty we always like to find a new sport involving engines to watch. Often this involves watching youtube videos or motors TV or even going to a local hill climb or track event including karting. However, we don’t get over to Iceland very much so it took a while for us to find out about Icelandic Hill Climbing, but we are glad we did.

Power and Rock

You may have already seen videos of this but if not the main aim for these, frankly crazy folk, is to drive a vehicle up what is often an almost vertical cliff. Of course, to do this you can’t just drive a Ford Focus full tilt at a rock face, no, you need a somewhat modified car and a whole lot of power. The cars, if you can call them that, are basically buggies, large frame made from sturdy roll bars, massive tyres and more often than not a thumping great V8 shoe horned into the framework. Because of the need to keep weight low and the fact the there is really no one around to worry about noise there does seem to be a habit of using very little in the way of exhaust pipes and silencers…sounds perfect to us!

You Can Do It!

The aim of the game is simply to get to the top, however, as with most things in life, it is not that simple. The surface is often very soft and loose so the wheels spin and dig in, there are sometimes rock outcrops that have a habit of getting in the way and when all that torque gets hold of a solid or almost vertical surface the car is only going one way and that’s upside down. Spectators at the events and watching on youtube cant help but will and wish the driver to make it, you find yourself cheering them on because they are just pushing so hard.

Sound Of Thunder

Anyone who likes cars or motorsport will naturally tend to enjoy the sound of a good engine going full tilt and these guys offer that by the bucket load. The engines sound amazing, and it is not short lived blast like drag racing, you get what feels like minutes of a hefty V8 on the redline and it is glorious.

More Please

We love finding new motorsport to watch and we love getting involved with new events too. We are happy to discuss providing fire extinguishers for any kind of vehicle and any kind of pit lane or support team so if you need to ask us anything please get in touch.

We are very lucky to be the people that make fire extinguishers for many of the cars on the F1 grid and many other levels of motorsport but we never say no to something new…book us a ticket to Iceland!





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