Product Focus

FESG2000RHH Fire Extinguisher RangeThere are three main products to focus on which cover varying areas in motorsport: hand held; AFFF; and gas.

The hand held fire extinguisher we want to focus on is our FESG2000RHH. This is a gas hand held fire extinguisher with an internal rubber bladder. The idea of the rubber bladder is that unlike a conventional hand held fire extinguisher this product can be used in any position, and the flexibility of this product means you can start and stop by using the squeeze grip valve to concentrate on the heart of the fire and also get into areas where a conventional hand held fire extinguisher cannot reach. This product is a favourite amongst rally teams.

AFFF on board fire extinguishers range from an MSUK starter system of 2.25ltr with engine cover only – a popular product for hill climb and with the 750 motor club participants. This product benefits from an internal bladder the same as the more expensive systems, and FEV’s trimline system is the only one in the market place using an internal bladder.

Gas fire extinguisher systems

Gas systems to focus on for circuit or open car, both FIA approved, are the FESG1500M and FESG1500E 1.5kg systems. These systems are very compact and very light which is ideal if space and weight is an issue. One system is mechanical and the other one electrical, both with an internal bladder – read more about the internal bladder in our useful information section. Another gas system to focus on is the FESG3000R, an FIA approved 3.0kg system for international rallying; the system is unpressurised, very compact for such a large capacity system and has all the benefits of the above.

See more about our fire extinguisher range in their sections on the products page, and the benefits of our product in the useful information section.

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