Our Car Fire Extinguisher Product Range

We have been supplying an extensive range of plumbed-in and hand-held fire suppression products that meet all FIA and Motorsport UK regulations, including Technical List 16 and current and updated regulations for UK racing. These products have also been developed as an option for track day use with some products also suitable for road and modified vehicles.



Handheld fire extinguishers imageHandheld Car Fire Extinguishers

Alongside our plumbed in system range, we offer a wide range of handheld extinguishers. These can be used on their own or in conjunction with a plumbed in system. We have various handheld products that are suitable for use in high performance road vehicles, modified cars, track day use right the way through to handheld extinguishers to meet all FIA and Motorsport UK regulations and competition vehicle standards. All handheld extinguishers are supplied with mounting bracket and required amount of straps.

When considering what FEV Handheld Fire Suppression product would be best for you and your vehicle requirements, please take into consideration applicable regulations for your level of racing and what type of extinguishant you would like to use. We also understand that weight and space restrictions are important for many levels of racing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further on 01243 555566 or sales@f-e-v.co.uk.



Plumbed In Car Fire Extinguishers

Plumbed In fire extinguishersWe have more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing some of the market leading systems in this field. We supply these systems to all levels of racing from weekend competitors to OEM’s across the world. We are chosen suppliers to Formula 1 and WRC teams.


At the press of a button or pull of a cord, these comprehensive systems discharge extinguishant directly to engine bays and cockpits and are highly effective as a form of suppressing a vehicle fire.


These systems are designed, developed and rigorously tested within BSI Standards and to meet and conform to all latest regulation’s put in place by the FIA and Motorsport UK for all levels of competition racing.



Foam car fire extinguishersFoam Car Fire Extinguishers

Our AFFF foam product range has been a popular choice with our customers for a number of years. Competitively priced and meeting regulations for professional racing, the AFFF Foam products we have been designing and developing for 25 years prove to be an excellent option for entry level systems for competition vehicles. These systems are now available in either Aluminium or Steel cylinder options, offering more choice to suit your vehicle requirements and your budget.




Gas car fire extinguishersGas Car Fire Extinguishers

We have taken all the benefits from our previous gas product range technology and are now using 3m Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid as our fire suppressant. Highly rated as an environmentally friendly fire suppressant product. After activation, it leaves no residue and no effect on electrical components, meaning getting back to the race track can be your number one priority after minimal downtime. Our gas product range is renowned for consistent and high performance across the world.




MSUK and FIA ApprovedFX G-TEC2400R3 FIA Standard 8865

All of our products adhere to the Motorsport UK and FIA regulations which means that they can be used in any of the appropriate levels of motorsport. Motorsport UK (MSUK) is the UK’s governing body on motorsport. Every year MSUK update their regulations and safety is taken very seriously. The FIA is the Federation Internationale d’Automobile motorsport’s global authority, so if you are racing across different countries, you need to abide by FIA rules.


We have recently launched a suppression system to adhere to FIA 8865 regulations. These regulations follow a very strict and comprehensive test and have been implemented on WRC cars. We are also proud to supply a range of our products to teams on the Formula 1 grid as well as across a variety of motorsports.


Contact Us

At FEV we are constantly refining and improving our range of car fire extinguishers and suppression systems to ensure that we provide our clients with only the most high quality products available on the market. If you are interested in learning more about our products or to discuss the details of a potential order, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


You can call the team directly on 01243 555566 where a friendly member will be able to answer any of your questions. Alternatively you can email the team at sales@f-e-v.co.uk and we will get back to you promptly.



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