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If you currently own any kind of FEV fire extinguisher it is essential to keep it well maintained and in good condition. A part of doing so involves regular maintenance in the form of servicing and refills, however it also involves ensuring that the fittings and cradles are in good order. If you notice that aspects of your fire extinguisher are worn or damaged in any way, we offer spare parts.

We hold spare parts for each type of fire extinguisher that we make. Each part is designed specifically for our systems. If you need any further details on the kind of spare parts that you require, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Replacement Fire Extinguisher Controls

If you require fire extinguisher control spare parts, we offer a full range of control boxes, pull cables and switches. If you are unsure about backwards compatibility with our older models you can talk to our team about it and we will provide you with any details you need.

Replacement Connectors and Nozzles

We also provide connectors and nozzles for our car fire extinguisher systems. We recommend discussing this with our team beforehand as you may need to check details such as the model number of your extinguisher to ensure you are buying the correct spare part.

Cradles and Other Accessories

Additionally, we stock a range of accessories including cradles, decals, clips, hoses and more. All of the parts that we use in FEV fire extinguishers are custom designed for their purpose and tested for our own equipment. You should never attempt to use incorrect parts for your extinguisher as this can compromise the safety and performance of the model when you need it.

Below is a list of the spare parts that we have available. If you need information about a specific part or are not sure what you need, please give us a call on 01243 55 55 66 and a member of our team will be on hand to provide advice and guidance.

FE-CRL, Various System Cradles FE-CRL Cradle (other sizes availiable)
FE-S-S-S, Hand Held Over Centre Strap FE-S-S-S Stainless Steel Strap (other sizes availiable)
FE-INT-FB, Internal Push Button FE-INT-FB Internal Fire Button
FE-EXT-FB, External Push Button FE-EXT-FB External Fire Button
FE-DECA-6 or FE-DECA-8, Tubing 6mm or 8mm FE-DECA-6 6mm Tubing

FE-DECA-8 8mm Tubing

FE-6-PC or FE-12-PC, Mechanical Pull cable FE-12-PC 12FT Pull Cable

FE-6-PC 6FT Pull Cable

FE-CN,Cable nipples FE-CN Cable Nipple

FE-CA Cable Adjuster

Various Gas Nozzles FE-G-NOZ Gas Nozzle 2.0kg

FE-X-NOZ Cross Nozzle

FE-TRI-NOZ Triple Jet Nozzle

FES-FC-BOX, Electrical System Control Box FES-FC-BOX Flat Control Box
Various push in fittings FE-Y-CON-8-6 8 to 6 Y Connector

FE-Y-CON-8-8 8 to 8 Y Connector

FE-Y-CON-6-6 6 to 6 Y Connector

FE-T-CON-6-6 6 to 6 T Connector

FE-REM-12-CHAR or FE-REM-16-CHAR, Remote Charge 12 or 16 Gram FE-REM-12-CHARFE-REM-16-CHAR
FE-P-CLIP, Pipe Clips FE-P-CLIP Pipe Clip
FE-B-HOS, Remote Charge Braided Hose FE-B-HOS Braided Hose
FE-E-L, E Decal Label FE-E-LE Decal Label
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