FEV not only offers car fire extinguishers for track day cars, classics, and performance cars but also for many levels of motorsport. This might be for rally cars, and various MSUK-approved racing from Hill climbs to Sprint series and circuit racing but we are also very proud to supply a number of F1 teams with fire extinguisher systems.

This week we have been doing quite a lot of testing for various MSA and FIA regulations. This testing can be rather fun but naturally, the results are very serious indeed. It involves various metal boxes and mock-up cockpits, varying amounts of flammable liquids, some towels and a lot of fire. We know our products work but it is always amazing to see just how fast and how completely they can put out a substantial fire. Knowing that at some point this work could save a life certainly makes our work very worthwhile. But the ability to quickly put out a fire may also save a treasured classic car, or a supercar someone has to spend their life saving for or a small race team’s only vehicle.

We are able to offer a massive range of options from handheld units to complete racing systems that are plumbed into the car itself. Naturally, we can’t offer you the secret F1 equipment but rest assured, when you join the FEV family by buying one of our units you are getting a slice of that experience and all of that quality.

If you would like to find out more about our FIA and MSUK-approved car fire extinguishers get in touch today.