FIA Approved Fire Extinguishers

FEV stock a range of FIA approved fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher systems. We are fully authorised and our products are homologated to FIA standards for use in many different levels of motorsport. As makers and suppliers of fire suppression systems to a number of top-flight racing teams, including Formula 1 teams, we know our products are tried, tested and approved in the real racing world.

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The FIA is the global body governing motorsport whereas MSUK is only relevant in the United Kingdom. We adhere to the regulations of both organisations and our products are fully homologated by both the FIA and the MSA. The FIA set very high standards when it comes to motorsport safety and fire has always been a major consideration. Preventing a fire taking hold in or around a racing car is a key role of the FIA safety regulations and the minimum requirements for the various levels of motorsport around the world reflect this.


pitlaneHomologation is a term that refers to a product being essentially passed by a governing body, in this case the FIA. The term originates from the Greek word homologeo which literally means “I say the same”. This means in simple terms that the FIA agree with the design and creation of our fire extinguisher systems and substances, as well as the testing processes we use. By agreeing, the FIA are stating that the products we manufacture meet the fire safety guidelines of international motorsport and are capable of keeping drivers and pit crew as safe as possible. This is the full list of companies that are homologated by the FIA, which includes us at FEV.

FX G-TEC (gas)

Here at FEV we spend a great deal of time creating a suitable alternative to the no longer used Halon gas. Our FX G-TEC gas not only offers efficient and effective fire suppression, it is also non-toxic, electrically non-conductive and non-carcinogenic. Our FX G-TEC has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero, so is also environmentally friendly and in line with FIA regulations. As well as this, it is also non-corrosive so even if it is used in the engine bay the engine itself is not at risk of the fast rate of corrosion seen with other substances. The systems we use are also more efficient and faster working than standard foam systems so they are the ultimate choice for drivers’ right across the motorsport world.

International Motor Racing

PitlaneIf you are planning any kind of international motor racing then you must consider FIA approval and not just the regulations of your home country, be it the UK or elsewhere. By installing an FIA approved fire extinguisher you will be able to race across the globe without fear of any scrutineer finding a problem. Even if you are only planning to race in your home country fire safety is critical and making sure you have the best system in your car is clearly the best policy. If you can, always get the best safety equipment you can as this is very important when it comes to motorsport fire extinguishers.

More Information

If you would like some more information about how the FIA fire safety regulations effect you and what FIA fire extinguisher you should install in your racing car then get in touch with our team and we will happily help you choose the system that is right for you, your car and your level of motorsport.

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